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O.E.D. D.E.A.D.

Apple iPod 4g awaits more publicity. Gmail supposedly will sort your mail for you by importance. Har. VMware show ends. Climate panel trying to reform. Why? AutoCAD back on the Mac along with a mobile app. Samsung tablet getting lots of ink and attention. Has Digg failed? Blame the new guy. Web OS2.0 for Palm […]

HTML 5 Headed Your Way

HP and Dell really going at it over 3Par. iPod classics may be dumped. RIMM doing deal with India. Why does Google search tweets? Fake reviews under attack. I like Yelp. Facebook killing IE6 support. Laughable. Government wants Craigslist to cease “Adult Services” listings. This will be fun to watch. Kindle and iPad under discussion. […]

Samsung Tablet Goes After Apple

Samsung getting into Android Tablet biz. Dell starts selling Smartphone. Nokia into 3D? What? Why? Fuji display? Now Toshiba wants a big version and proposes a large version somehow. Webcam hits iTunes and Paypal. North Korean pages deleted? What? Grand Canyon at risk from mining. Apple kickback scheme was done with shoeboxes full of money. […]

Who is 3Par?

3Par stories abound. MSFT push Win Phone 7. I’m predicting them becoming the odd man out. Apple patent rationalized. I find it onerous. Find out what I mean. New Kindle about to blow doors off the place. And now we are seeing sub-$100 e-readers too. Verizon getting into the act. Google buys New pocket […]

Disable Facebook Places

My last post outlined how to turn off the most privacy invading feature of Facebook Places – the ability of friends to check you into places. I like to have this function turned off because now only the places I want to share will be shared. It’s just creepy that someone else can check you […]