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Droid will Get Huge Budget

Black Friday a winner. One big winner is Nintendo. Motorola to dump a fortune into Droid marketing. Nook is delayed until Dec. 7. The Crunchpad is no more. Black screen of death caused by patch. New MSFT store in Scottsdale, AZ. Brought to you by Squarespace. Check it out at using the code TECH […]

Man Marries Character in Game

Magazine publishers want an app store! Black Friday talk getting old. Google and Tivo going to dog viewers liker nothing before. Japanese man marries video game character. Xbox360 outselling PS3 by 3X. Great security predictions for 2010. Brought to you by e-Harmony. Check it out at using the code EHTECH for a fat discount. Click […]

Joost got Juiced

Kindle does on-the-fly upgrade. Climate science data still in the news. Nobody knows what to do. Moto is loved by the men according to a study. I’m dubious. Old G-Phone users can use Google Map navigation software. Joost is done. Chrome OS stories abound. HTC Droid Eris now free with a Verizon deal. Nokia cutting […]

Wikipedia Losing Volunteers

The Hadron collider works. We’re all still here! Bigger test coming. AOL changes name and logo. Cripes. ATT&T does prepaid broadband. Apple chewing up all the mobile broadband traffic. Apple voids warranty on smokers who smoke around the computer. It’s supposedly a hazard to workers. New USB wireless HDD. Wikipedia losing volunteers. MSFT or GOOG […]

Dell Profit Falls!

Google Chrome OS made official. Some details follow. Win 7 sales booming. Sony to use Firefox on PS3. Palm phones go on sale. NSA backdoor? They say no. Al Gore in the news. This is a beaut. Best Buy starts Black Friday already. Dell Profits drop. Brought to you by E-Harmony. Check it out at […]