WP-GenericFooter Plugin

Have you ever noticed how columnists in newspapers, magazines and even the web have a footer at the end of each article? A quick sentence or two about the author or asking for feedback. Have you ever wanted to add something similar to your blog posts but didn’t want to type the same text at the end of every post you make? Now you can!

WP-GenericFooter adds a footer to every post viewed on your website. The footer is added at display time for viewing purposes only and is only shown if the plugin is active. It does not edit your post in any way. The footer is customizable from an Options page available only to those with Admin privileges. To see an example of this in action see the italicized text at the end of this page as well as at the end of posts on this blog.

So far this plugin has been tested on WordPress 2.0.1. It is currently available for public testing so feel free to download it and send me your feedback.

Installation Instructions
To install and use WP-GenericFooter, follow these steps:

  1. Upload the WP-GenericFooter.php to your WordPress plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin from your admin interface.
  3. Go to Options->WP-GenericFooter in your admin interface and adjust the footer to your liking.

The footer will now be visible in every post and each page in your blog.

Download Current Version
Click here to download WP-GenericFooter 0.2


If you have any questions, comment or suggestions please leave them in a comment or email them to me.

To Do List

If you find this plugin useful please feel free to donate a little money to help me offset the costs of this website. Thanks.