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Unlock iPhone Without Passcode

You’ve got to love the ease of use of Apple products. For example, they make it so easy to set a passcode for unlocking the iPhone. Too bad they also make it easy to circumvent the passcode. Like most phones with passcode locking built in the iPhone allows you to make an emergency call without […]

Favre Shows (Again) Why He’s Not A Good Teammate

Earlier in the year I had a discussion with someone about why I don’t think Brett Favre, current quarterback of the Minnesotta Vikings, is a good teammate. My reasoning did not have anything to do with his talent (he’s undoubtedly one of the best ever), how he interacts with his teammates or how much other […]

Playstation Phone Coming

MySpace gives into pressure from Facebook to change! Yahoo Mail gives into pressure from Google to change! Google to public: If you are freaky about privacy move to mars! Limewire dead. Playstation phone. Doomed to fail I say. Colored Nook looks good. Where is the white iPhone? MacBook Air making a ton of money. Samsung […]

The White iPhone Appears

Office 2011 for the Mac is the best ever! White phone showing up in Apple store app. BMW recalls 130,000 cars. Interesting reason. Google getting creepy? Sony Walkman news gets weird. Free e-books loaded with advertising. Kindle sales higher and higher. Garmin giving up on Smartphone idea. Digg fires over 1/3 of its staff. Click […]

Pilot Security Rant

There’s a lot of talk about the full body scanners now being used as part of the security ritual being used by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States. Current rules say that travelers have a right to refuse a scan and instead to opt for a pat down. This has become a major […]