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Ireland May Lose HP

Netflix streaming only service in USA for $7.99. Novell goes private and sells 882 patents to Microsoft. New special newspaper for the iPad coming from News Corp. iPad doing nothing in the Enterprise. Secret spy satellite launched. Facebook promoted as homepage. Thoughts on the Kindle. Donkey Kong Country a winner. HP thinking about moving out […]

Anti-Matter Captured!

Hulu launches pay services. Did I say $8 a month or $6? Google doing fashion search for some reason. Beatles on iTunes finally. China is ruining the Internet? Maybe. Anti-matter created and captured at CERN. Meteor show tonight. Today is National Unfriend Day. Who cares? RIM CEO is kind of a dick about apps. Religious […]

China Now Supercomputer King!

Top of the news is Facebook new messaging system. Who cares? iTunes announcement tomorrow. I have ideas as to what they will release. Airport security is over-the-top. How does MeeGo get any traction? China takes over the top spot in the supercomputer game. HP Slate is sketchy. Wikipedia needs money and lots of it. Click […]

The Kin Making a Comeback? What?

Apple I to sell for $200,000? Apple to jigger with Java in some odd way to screw Android. Facebook going after GMail with Facebook mail. Cripes. Big fuss over Pedophile book. Whole story is odd and dumb. I discuss. Microsoft Kin back in play? Kinect system deconstructed. Want to see Phone 7, go to Radio […]

Don’t Call Me At Work!

I’m usually flattered when a recruiter calls me. Even though I’m happy at my current job it’s always nice to know there are people out there interested in what you have to offer. Today, however, I was more upset than I was flattered. I was sitting at my desk at my workplace, the offices of […]