Pointing Abraham Williams’s PHP Library for Twitter OAuth to Twitter API 1.1

I’ve mentioned before how I’m using Abraham Williams’s PHP library for Twitter OAuth for various projects. With the impending decommissioning of version 1.0 of the Twitter API the question has come up as to how to edit this library so it uses version 1.1 of the Twitter API instead. It’s actually quite simple: Open twitteroauth.php. […]

Updating A Twitter Profile Image With PHP

I had an interesting issue come up recently when working on improvements to a Twitter bot I hadn’t used in a while but wanted to start using again. The new feature I was trying to add was to update the profile picture of the Twitter account the bot used based on a certain criteria determined […]

Quick And Easy RSS Parsing With PHP

When I wrote about creating a Twitter bot with PHP, etc. last week I had in mind to continue developing the idea. To this end I’ve created a bot that replaces the formulaic type of URL for an ‘of the day’ type page (for example”.date(“Y”).”-“.date(“m”).”-“.date(“d”).”/”) with an RSS parser so the bot will retweet […]

Create a Twitter Bot With PHP, YOURLs and Cron

Ever since I’ve been on Twitter I’ve been fascinated by Twitter bots. You know, automated Twitter posting robots. There are all sorts of Twitter bots. Most of them are Twitter accounts with a single purpose that are run by some sort of programming. Most often they monitor Twitter’s RSS feed for specific keywords and either […]

Mass Removal of error_log Files

It’s always a good idea to back something up before you begin working on an improvement to it or upgrading it to a new version. For example, before I upgrade my WordPress installs I always back up their files and databases. This seems simple enough but every time I back up any of my PHP […]