Pondering Programming Language Requirements For Software QA Testing

As someone who has been in software QA (that’s software testing/bug finding) for over 13 years I’ve often read job listings where the requirement listed knowledge of a particular programming language. As such whenever I talk with someone (recruiter, HR person, etc.) about such jobs I always ask why there is such a requirement. There […]

Looking For Chicken

I am looking for any recordings of “Weird” Al Yankovic singing “Chicken Pot Pie”. This song is a parody of Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let Die”. McCartney, a strict vegetarian, didn’t give permission for this parody so it was never recorded on an album but Yankovic sings it in concert sometimes. If anybody has any […]

IE7 Will Be An Automatic Update

According to this report Microsoft will be making IE7 a “high priority” update due to it’s security upgrades. This means that IE7 will be automatically updated on all computer running IE7 that has automatic updates turned on. Let the Microsoft bashing begin… again.