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Holiday Gifting

I’m usually lucky as far as holiday gift giving goes. I don’t buy gifts for people at work (if I give them anything it’s usually a card or an Amazon gift certificate). My wife buys for the kids. For the nieces and nephews it’s generally the hot kids DVD of the season (this year it […]

My Browser, My Choice!

I’m sick of going to website and finding that they resize my browser. I have my browser window sized the way I like it and don’t like it when a site assumes that I want it sized the way they want it. I wish they would stop doing that.

Introducing the GMail Player Widget

A post on the WordPress Support forums inspired me to write a plugin that puts the GMail audio player in your sidebar as a sidebar widget. For more information and to download the GMail Player Widget click here.

Taylor Hicks

For all those Amrican Idol fans out there – the debut CD of last season’s winner, Taylor Hicks, hits stores today. Buy now!

Don’t Want To Activate Windows Vista? No Problem!

According to an article at there has already been a Windows Vista hack. I can’t say that I’m surprised. The hack lets users of the corporate version of Vista forgo activation of the new Windows operating system.