Holiday Gifting

I’m usually lucky as far as holiday gift giving goes. I don’t buy gifts for people at work (if I give them anything it’s usually a card or an Amazon gift certificate). My wife buys for the kids. For the nieces and nephews it’s generally the hot kids DVD of the season (this year it was Cars). But there were two very good gifts in my house this year. One I bought for myself and the other I bought for my wife.

The one I bought for myself is the Magellan RoadMate 360 Vehicle GPS. I haven’t used it on real trip yet but I’ve tested it while going to locations I already know. It’s directions are usually good and will always get you where you want to go but occasionally will send you to your destination the long way. That’s alright by me. All I need it to do is get me there. I’ll worry about shortening the trip the next time I go. The interface (with touchscreen) is very good and easy to use. I highly recommend it.

For my wife I bought the Breadman TR456 Panini Maker. She likes paninis so I figured she’d like to make her own. Luckily I was right. This gift has the added value of feeding me. Always a plus.

Of course now that everyone has exchanged gifts we all know who bought us things and who didn’t. There’s always someone who buys you an unexpected gift and it stinks to be caught empty handed when that happens. Luckily Amazon gift certificates are easy to use and can be delivered instantly via email. I know I’ll be giving those to a few people today.

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