My Palm Blog Is No More

I finally did it. I had an old blog called Dave’s Palm Pages in which I used to write about the old Palm products (Palm Pilots and their descendants) and hacks for them. It’s also where I posted links to downloadable sports schedules and other calendar data that could be imported directly into the Palm […]

Lessons Learned

As a parent I’ve had many situations where I’ve learned/taught lessons from/to my kids. Here are a few that I’ve found to be very valuable. All you can do is the best you can do. Different people have different skill levels at different skills as well as different levels of knowledge in different areas. That’s […]

Writing More

I’ve resolved recently to begin writing more again. I find writing to be very helpful. In addition to being a small respite in an otherwise busy day I enjoy translating an idea in my mind into words. To that end I’ve resolved to write daily. This doesn’t mean that I will publish a blog post […]

A Writing Experiment

I’ve written before about my desire to write more often. Unfortunately despite my efforts I have still not been able to manage writing as often as I’d like. A new approach is definitely in order. Starting tonight I’ll be working on an experiment. Every work night I’ll spend a half hour with a text editor […]

New Year’s Adjustments

The other night I posted the following on Facebook: I’m not much into new years resolutions. I believe any time is a good time for a resolution. As for me I’m always trying to be a better father, husband, son and friend. I may not be perfect in any of those roles but life isn’t […]