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Is Sony-Ericsson Over?

Veoh wins court suit regarding video uploads. Good news for Google in Viacom suit. Jobs given false obit. He’s still alive. Apple applying for touch screen Mac patent. Microsoft gets patent for the PageUp PageDown butons. nVidia SLI now runs on Intel motherboards. Dell slipping again. Virtual worlds being hacked. Quebec sued for not considering […]

Computer Virus on the Space Station!

Orange throttling iPhone 3G speeds. Why offer 3G if you do not want to deliver the product? D90 comes out but not seemingly as good as the Canon. My thoughts on Nikon versus Canon. Computer virus found on Space Station computer. IE8 getting more and more useless PR. Sneaky deal done between Microsoft and Immersion. […]

120 GB Zune

Amazon to use Kindle as a platform for textbooks. Canon EOS 50D getting ink. N96 from Nokia has the Smartphone folks buzzing. nVidia getting ink for speeches and the Tegra chip. 120 GB Zune coming out. Will HP target Sun now? Intel spent half a million in lobbying. Photoshop Elements 7 now out. IPO deals […]

Laporte Doesn’t Like Mojave But Won’t Explain Why

I was listening to this weeks installment of This Week in Tech this morning. The subject of Jerry Seinfeld doing Microsoft commercials came up and led to a discussion of lame Microsoft marketing. Leo Laporte brought up the Mojave experiment as something that actually helped Apple. I’ve heard him say things like this about Mojave […]

IE will include Porn Mode

Microsoft versus Adobe. Silverlight versus Flash. Microsoft selling Avenue A. AMD selling TV chip business. IE will include Porn Mode. Microsoft looking at HD online video services. Cows line up North and south. Why? Mac Clone company for sale. People do not want VOIP on airplanes. Everyone going to game conferences. Gold farming worth $500 […]