Corrupted Norton Installation

I’ve been using Norton products for years. Even through the years where their suites were bloated to the point where most people suffered system resource issues from them. Even when people complained about false positives from them. I’ve always stuck with Norton because I’ve never really had any of the problems people have complained about. […]

Security Suite Suggestions?

I’ve been using Norton products forever. And despite reports of performance issue with Norton products over the last few years I still use Norton Internet Security. But Now I’m considering making a change. I have access to legal licenses for Windows Live OneCare and McAfee Internet Security Suite. Which of these are better? Are there […]

Tired of Norton Anti-Spam

I’ve been using Norton Anti-Spam the last couple of years and I’m beginning to tire of it. Can anybody who reads this recommend a spam filter to replace it?

Norton Protection Center Issues

I’m researching some issues relating to the new Norton Protection Center feature found in the 2006 version of Norton products and found that many people are very annoyed with this feature and just want to get rid of it. This page describes how to turn it off. I actually don’t mind this feature but am […]

Comcasts Out Of Date Support

Last Thursday morning I ran a LiveUpdate of my Norton software (AntiVirus, etc.). After the update was complete I shut down my machine and didn’t start it up again until that night. When I finally did start it up I could not send or receive email. Not thinking that the Norton upgrade would be the […]