Familiar Blog Theme is Back

I finally got the theme fixed and have it back the way I want it. This is why I keep backups. The backups had the right code. Then all I needed to do was remember how I had the widgets set up. Easy to do. It just took me some time to do it. And […]

Back to WordPress Default Theme

As anyone who has looked at my blog in the last week has no doubt noticed I totally messed up my sidebars. And in trying to fix the problem I totally messed up the rest of the theme too. So I’ve reverted back to the WordPress default theme while I try to work it all […]

On The Air Again

I recently started a new consulting contract at a new client. Unlike several other clients I’ve worked for these guys gave me full reign to install whatever I want on my local workstation. (Many companies have certain limitations and procedures to follow if you want to bypass the limitations.) I was happy to see this […]


I have redesigned the look and feel of this blog. Using the WP Premium theme. I’m using it pretty much out of the box here but am working on a more aggressive implementation of it for another blog. I’d love to get some feedback on it. Please either leave a comment or fill out the […]

Blog Cleanup

In cleaning up the blog I made some changes to the pages about my WordPress plugins. The big ones are as follows: I changed the status of the pages for the Google Player Widget and the WordPress Backup Restore Plugin to draft essentially withdrawing them from the public. The Google Player Widget doesn’t work anymore […]