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MSFT Kills Kin Already!

Good Crankygeeks today. MSFT kills Kin! That was fast! IPhone still holding lead over all Android devices. Sony Vaio burning people? Half a million recalled. Verizon LTE plus iPhone. Hulu debate ongoing. Flying car news continues. Cisco doing a tablet. Why? Flying car in the news one more day. 70,000 turtle eggs at risk. […]

MSFT Kin Already a Flop?

Hulu starts paid service. Google backing off on China threats. Verizon iPhone coming in Jan 2011. Apple being sued over antenna issue. Weird story about iPhone Facetime. Windows 8 outlined. Flying car coming out for sure! Dell sold faulty computers. Seagate has 3TB drive. Where is the new Hotmail? MSFT Kin phone a flop? Click […]

Chrome Overtakes Safari

Nintendo 3DS comes in March 2011, not this Christmas. Father of digital images want to make them better. How much better can they be? Social media up but by how much? Seems like a low number. Antenna patch coming from Apple. Weird. I thought there was no problem. Google trying another social media initiative. What […]

Can You Blend an iPhone 4?

We all know you can blend an original iPhone. But how about an iPhone 4?

YouTube Stats Are Ridiculous.

iPhone aftermath. In one day the company sold 1.5 million phones. The company admits there are antenna issues. Actor Jason Bateman boo’d for cutting in line for iPhone. Looks like .xxx domain getting approved. Salesforce suing Microsoft. Microsoft suing Salesforce. Cool eclipse coming up tomorrow. Nintendo wins the E3 show. Facebook going after Google in search. […]