Slowed Down

A former co-worker of mine recently started a blog. There’s no central topic that he writes about. Just random things about his life, experiences and whatever tickles his fancy at the moment. Reminds me of what my original concept for this blog was. Just to write about whatever was in my head at any moment. […]

A Conversation With A Former Coworker

I had an interesting discussion with a former co-worker last week. We met while working together at a particular company that I was very unhappy with. The company had a habit of mistreating their employees in various ways. When I left the company I told co-workers that I had a good opportunity that I felt […]

Suggest A New RRS Reader

I’m looking for a new RSS reader. I’ve been using SharpReader for a few years and like it but it’s eating up too many system resources and making my machine run very slow. I’ve tried Google Reader too but didn’t like it very much. I’m looking for something that is just like SharpReader (Outlook type […]

A Boy Named Drop Table

I ran across this comic the other day and felt it worth noting.