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Intel Sez: Upgrade!

Steve Jobs captured on film by TMZ. SMS easily spoofed. Pirate Bay thrown out of the Netherlands. Microsoft says Mobile Windows is better than the iPhone for browsing the Internet. Stop saying dumb things! Horizon Group Management Company getting flak for suing woman over Tweet. Intel tells people to finally upgrade. Playstation an Wii sales […]

IPhone Jailbreaking is Terrorism

Yahoo-MSFT deal done. Not good for Yahoo. Virginia Tech studying text messaging and truck crashes. Will the MSFT store be more like Apple or Gateway. Jailbreaking an iPhone is a threat to National Security says Apple. Greenpeace after HP’s money. Ballmer on Google. Spinvox pulls a fast one. Podcast patent a joke. Episode paid for […]

No More Gangster Games in China

Texting while driving is bad. Real Estate company sues woman over tweet. China banning online gangster games. Threat to the culture say officials. Verizon to offer Palm Pre. Barnes and Noble free Wi-fi in stores. Move in! ARM chip to get a Windows build? Yes say experts. IBM buys SPSS for 1.2 billion bucks. New […]

Palm Pre for $99? Who knows?

Apple tablet rumors persist. Western Digital does a 2.5-inch terabyte laptop disk! Wow. Foxconn buys off family in China for $44,000. Win 7 is a great gaming platform they say. Get your IE patch now! Dell’s bank accounts frozen in Taiwan. Sprint to go with Android? Fujitsu off to the races with USB 3.0, Yahoo […]

Microsoft Takes a Bath!

MSFT lower profits and revenues down a lot. Forrester says business is warming up to Vista. The Toucan beak is a radiator. Who knew? Bezos apologizes for taking books back. Yahoo buys Xoopit. AMD ships 500,000,000th chip. Bad numbers in tech. The top 10 technologies for 2009 so far. Another bad list. Show brought to […]