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HP Tells Android to Pound Salt

Techcrunch Disrupt ends. HP dumps Android OS. Lucas to bring out Star Wars in 3D. Meanwhile 3DS will not be out in time for Christmas. Should Facebook buy Skype? Net Neutrality bill is dead. Next year’s Apple iPad sounds like the winner. Details within. Blackberry going to QNX and the company proud of its low […]

Microsoft Kills its Blogging System

Techcrunch goes to AOL. That should be interesting. Rim Playbook released. Texting while driving not as harmful as they say. Apple TV analysis going on. Twitter finding ways to make money. Is Google building a Serendipity engine? Sounds like a scam. UFO’s apparently saving the world. Cripes. New Sony-Ericsson phone make promises. Open Office forks. […]

Google Wins One.

Stuxnet virus becoming the rage in the news. Watch it grow. Here comes something called Super Wi-Fi. Yawn. Mark Zuckerberg pledges millions to Newark, NJ schools. Meanwhile Facebook flakes out. Facebook Smartphone comes and goes and comes and goes. Poor science education sinking USA economy. Spanish court sides with Google. RIM Blackberry tablet ramping up […]

Micheal Dell Shows off 7-incher

Oracle World going full tilt in SF. Michael Dell attends. Rumor abounds that the Oracle may buy HP. IBM to buy Brocade? Perhaps. DSL hitting 700 Mbps. Where? Schools and libraries will get fiber from government. Twitter attack not my fault. Autumn begins. Jet Blue setting up Wi-Fi on planes. Click to listen: [Audio clip: […]

Dell Investing Big in, uh, China!

MSFT has PR machine cranked to the max with IE9 stories. Meanwhile Verizon holding off on Win Phone7 Phones. The miserable AT&T pushing 4G. PS3 getting Blu-ray 3D. Space taxi coming by 2016. Skyhook lawsuit of Google looks dirty already. Motorola tablet coming in 2011. Dell to drop $100 billion to expand its China operations. […]