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New Buzzword: Dense Computing

Apple makes 9-9-9 meeting official. Look for GTA on the iPhone. Samsung getting into app stores. Fox does deal with Twitter to promote dead shows. Wikipedia research indicates men are the users. MSFT tries to screw GOOG. 40th anniversary of the Internet. New buzzword: Dense Computing! Show brought to you by Squarespace at use the […]

Nokia to go with Linux?

Facebook deals with privacy concerns. Should Wii be cheaper? Facebook and Twitter can lead to you getting robbed. Nokia getting into Linux finally. WPA cracked. Google books out in EPUB. Oracle to dump Sun hardware on HP. Six reasons MSFT struggles with innovation. Show brought to you by E-Harmony at use the code EHTECH. Click to […]

Motorola’s Android Scheduled

6 things about Snow Leopard you should know. NASA says no moon shot anytime soon. Middle-aged people use Facebook the most. Gak. Moto Android coming on Sept.10. Color e-books coming. 12 words you cannot use in the office. Ludicrous. Show brought to you by Squarespace at use the code TECH. Click to listen: [Audio clip: view […]

Pirate Bay Will Not Die

Apple Tablet is all they are talking about. I discuss the discussion. Jessica Biel is number one on the net — for malware! Pirate Bay is back up. Wikipedia cracks down. Microsoft going into regular phone business. The US is 15-years behind Korea in Internet speeds. Yahoo claims to still be competing with Bing. How? […]

Apps on the Zune Soon

Snow Leopard coming out this Friday. Nokia shows new Netbook. Prices come soon. Swedes kill Pirate’s Bay. Blogger says she will sue Goolge over invasion of privacy. Multi-taskers turn out to be muddy headed. Yahoo beats up Sony over Launch streaming music. Experts predict failure for MSFT-Yahoo deal. Wolfram Alpha gets into the act. MSFT […]