Recent Facebook Pet Peeves

Facebook has gotten totally out of hand for me lately. Though there is no right or wrong way for an individual to use social media there are annoyances. I know the pet peeves I’m about to list are hardly new but it seems that they have recently shown themselves in full force in my news […]

Why Is This Person Following Me on Google+?: A Suggestion

If you’re like me and on Google+ odds are you have people who have added you to their circles that you don’t know. I actually don’t mind if people I don’t know add me to their circles (Twitter has desensitized me to this) but I don’t want to share certain personal information with them. One […]

Facebook’s Secure Browsing (HTTPS) Setting, Its Problems And A Solution

Facebook recently introduced the ability to browse their website using https instead of standard http. This allows it’s users to use their website more securely. To turn it on use the following steps: Click the Account menu in the top right corner and select Account Settings. Next to the Account Security heading click the Change […]

Disable Facebook Places

My last post outlined how to turn off the most privacy invading feature of Facebook Places – the ability of friends to check you into places. I like to have this function turned off because now only the places I want to share will be shared. It’s just creepy that someone else can check you […]

Disable Facebook Places Tagging

Facebook Places was just announced last night and already people are panning the privacy aspects. The truth is that it’s probably no less respectful of one’s privacy than Foursquare or Gowalla. For those not familiar with any of the services mentioned above they are all location tracking services where one can “check in” at a […]