Facebook’s Secure Browsing (HTTPS) Setting, Its Problems And A Solution

Facebook recently introduced the ability to browse their website using https instead of standard http. This allows it’s users to use their website more securely. To turn it on use the following steps:

  1. Click the Account menu in the top right corner and select Account Settings.
  2. Next to the Account Security heading click the Change link.
  3. Check the “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible” checkbox under the Secure Browsing (https) heading.
  4. Click the Save button.

Now that you have this setting turned on be prepared for it to be turned off in certain situations. For instance the secure setting is not available in Facebook apps. Every time you enter one of the non secure areas you’ll be prompted that you are leaving the secure connection. I understand this but have gotten very annoyed by prompts.

But the bigger problem is that when you enter an http area after visiting a non https the secure connection is not restored automatically (at least in my experience). I’m sure that as time goes on Facebook apps will more over to https but until then this leaves a hole in the Facebook security system. A way to automatically leave a secure connection but no similar way back to it.

To work around these issues I’ve created my own solution. I’ve added a bookmark to my browser’s bookmark toolbar to go to Facebook under HTTPS. (To do this just add a bookmark for https://www.facebook.com.) Now every time I finish using a non secure area of Facebook I use the bookmark to easily turn the secure connection back on. A simple solution to an annoying problem.

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So no apps work now that I have enabled SSL. I can’t seem to disable SSL on facebook. When I go back to account settings; change acct security the box is no longer checked so I can’t uncheck. Any suggestions?

Hi there

Hey Facebook is really one of the best secured browsing across the world?


Having the same issue as Patti. Apps will not work and just get errors when trying to turn off https. Has been going on for at least 5 days. Twitter is looking into it, but it is aggravating to say the least. Ask @twitter to resolve this issue.

I’m also having the same issue as Patti. It no longer allows me to play FV using Chrome. I’m currently trying FireFox to see if it will allow me to play.

To those who are having trouble running apps under HTTPS in Facebook –

I don’t know what the problem is. When I’m in HTTPS (whether by Facebook’s setting or manually) Facebook prompts me to let me know that if I want to continue it will automatically take me out of HTTPS. I click yes (or OK, I forget what the button says) and it works. This works in the browsers I use (and I test web apps for a living so I use more browsers than the average user). I’ll continue to look into it.

– Dave


The problem is there is no “undoing” this once the action is done it is irreversible. So no matter what the reason, mine is too much hassle, I mean after all FB / Zynga is a spamming mofo ……….. so even the addition of even 1 more pop up is annoying. Besides I have asked my mafia mates, now I will ask you …. what are you trying to guard or keep from being hacked on your account??

Thomas –

I don’t know what you mean by there is no “undoing” this. I’ve undone it.

What am I trying to guard or keep from being hacked on my account? My login credentials. When you login over http your username and password are in the clear meaning someone ‘listening in’ can grab them. (Google “firesheep” for one recent example of how this can be done. There are many others.) In https your login credentials are secure.

– Dave

If you have enabled secure browsing and are having problems with your games, chat etc. to disable: deactivate your account, wait at least 5 minutes, sign back in (this reactivates your acct), and IMMEDIATELY go to acct settings, uncheck the secure browsing button & save. Hope this helps anyone with this issue.

I’m having the same problem using facebook w/https settings on. I can no longer turn it off. It is a prompting me to let me know that if I want to continue it will automatically take me out of https to play treasure isle, etc. My problem is that it is not allowing me to delete any posts off my wall. I dont understand why I cant delete anything on fb anymore & would really like to find out if there is any possible way to turn the setting off for my whole internet & not just fb cause I know I can’t turn it off on fb. Does anyone have any suggestions?

There’s a “trick” to turning SSL off for facebook. The problem is in the way FB tries to “remember” that you’ve temporarily turned off secured browsing.

To turn SSL off, first LOGOUT of facebook. The login JUST to facebook.com (not an app). From there, go into your account settings, disable secure browsing, save, then immediately LOGOUT again. When you log back in, it will not push you to secured browsing.

The problem is, if you try to touch anything that prompts you about “turning off secured browsing temporarily” at any point, the session remembers you wanted it, and restores your setting when you log out.

Every time i turn it off to play a game everything goes white and i cant see anything on my facebook page at all and i cant get back into my account settings to turn it back on ???????

Thank you Woody!! that was a pain

ThaaaaaaanXx a lot

To reiterate:

How do I turn OFF Secure Browsing (https)?
To turn OFF Secure Browsing (https), navigate to your Account Settings page. Click the “Change” link next to Account Security, UNcheck the box under “Secure Browsing (https)” and then click the “Save” button.

Hi everyone! I’ve been having problems connecting to my FB apps with the secure browsing. Whenever I try to play any apps, it will tell me that I’m leaving https and they will connect me on http and to click continue. I clicked continue but instead of going to my apps, I’m redirected to my login page (not normal Fb with images) and no chance of going back into my original Facebook page or anywhere. The only way i can get back in is to log out, go back in and tick the secure browsing box. I will then be able to go back into my normal Facebook page but will not be able to go into my apps. I’ve tried unchecking that box, save the setting but it will redirect me to the login page. It’s back to square one all the time. It’s frustrating when you’re an avid Cafe world player! Help please!

im sick of facebook someone keeps hacking my acc they took of everything.

Nope, Woody’s trick didn’t work for me. No matter what I do – whether I check the Secure Browsing (https) box or not, whether I log in, log out or shake it all about – it always automatically chooses the https option. Infuriating.

thank you so much! you are very helpful!

If you want to turn off your secure browsing from FB:

1.- Log out from fb.
2.- Now log in to fb http://www.facebook.com
3.- As soon as you’re logged in (before doing anything on your wall), go to “Account Settings” then on “Account Security” click “change” and when it opens you’ll see the first line says “Secure Browsing (https)” you UNCHECK (unmark) it (where it says “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible”)

That’s it folks 😉 Hope it helps.

I have an issue where if I try to access my apps under https it tries to redirect me to unsecure, which I accept. But then it redirects me back to my FB main page, so I try clicking on the desired app, at which point I get an http error telling me my browser has ‘resulted in too many redirect requests’ and will go no further. This happens on all browsers I’ve tried: Chrome, Firefox and IE. Clearing my cache/cookies doesn’t work either. The only thing that works is remembering to switch off https before using the app, using the app, then re-enabling https manually. Not ideal and quite frankly, one more reason why I may well give up FB altogether and move to google+. I’ll save the apps for my iPhone in future!

My problem is that it appears to be connected to my ability to stay logged in with two browsers. I like being logged into FB in both IE and FF. Most of the time it works. I notice the minute I get one of those annoying messages I am logged out of the other browser. It keeps defaulting to being checked on. This is a huge problem for me for various reasons.

To turn SSL off, first LOGOUT of facebook. Then login JUST to facebook.com (not an app). From there, go into your account settings, disable secure browsing, save, then immediately LOGOUT again. When you log back in, it will not push you to secured browsing. Hope this helps

i cannot click save for disable secure browsing..plis help me :(

OMG! It worked! Thanks to all for their help in turning off SSL – you’ve made my day =)

After many time, I do it! Sorry for my bad English. Chrome and Firefox fail. Then I used Internet Explorer 6, I accept security certificate, then I go to “Account Settings” then on “Account Security” click “change” and when it opens you’ll see the first line says “Secure Browsing (https)” you UNCHECK (unmark) it (where it says “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible”).

same problem with ara, i cannot click the save button ='(

thank you Ciuffo76, it works for me!! =)

I also can’t click the SAVE button when i tried to uncheked the HTTPs.. i was so frustrated because i just browse my FB yesterday.. I UPDATED MY LAPTOP.(i mean be sure that ur laptop/pc/device is on the right date and time of your place) THEN IT WORKS… I FINALLY OPENED MY FB PROFILE.. i hope it really works on you too..:)

my problem is tht whenever i open https facebook the home page comes up with no pictures

I was having the problem of my FB showing only as text. I have a Mac and just updated my date and time to be correct…..and now I can view FB fine. Hope this works for you.

None of the above works. I recently changed to https (secure) then I get Page reset during loading error message. I couldn’t sign back in, get the same thing. Finally added the https & I can sign in now, but can’t change back to http. Once I try I get the page reset error again. Also can’t click on certain links, not apps, the page gets reset. Even after taking out the https I can never sing back in. It’s like once you secure it, there’s no going back. Any help or experiencing same problem. I have to make a new bookmark for the https, but can’t view certain things. Wired or wireless, it now must be https to even find the page! http will not find the facebook page at all, only the page reset error.

hi ciuffo,

thanks so much! its works for me…

i cant click the save ?? y ?

we have the same problem with patti . i cant uncheck the box in my secure browsing to remove https . why is it once i open my account it is not the normal facebook ? the backgrounds are white then fonts are changed ? please help me , i need my normal account now :(

thank you pauline . it really helps me a lot ! i finally open my account and changed the security . arigato gozaimasu !



Thanks… :)

1. Find a friend w an ipad (or use your own)
2. Log in
3. Account/Account Settings/Security
4. “Secure Browsing” — Click “edit” which is on the right
5. Uncheck and save

My save button was grey’d out. Then I thought of using my iPad which is a different kind of browser than FF/IE/Chrome :) and the save button was enabled on the iPad. I do NOT think you can do this via an iPhone however because it sends you to their mobile site and I dont remember if they let you change your security settings via the mobile. It MAY but I havent tested it…WORKS on the iPad though…


i am getting https in red colour with cross bar. wat to do for getting https in green colour..

I have disable the “https”.

1.loin to FB via Internet Explorer.
2.Then you will Display da msg.
3.Click on it.(“Display security…..”)
4.Then disable SSL setting.

It’s Worked on me…………

its great working ok,, thanks

Thanks Shay…u just solve my problem!!

log out from your account, then use an ipad or iphone fb to uncheck the secure browsing then log in again on your mac it worked for me :)

I can’t go to my account setting it’s shows Secure connection fail what wrong with that?

I’m new at this and don’t understand just how to disable secure browsing.

I need to do this to get into Pogo Games.


i dont know wht the hell is going on in my fb page??? i dont know how 2 disable secure browsing.i’ve tried all of this up statement but no any positive react.can anyone help me out from this???please

i have same problem as “sojin” i can uncheck the box but cant save change plz help

Hi. I still can’t disable the https setting even after following these comments. My facebook won’t allow any changes in its settings.

cannot chat because security and have a limited access to chat..i hope you can help me.

I used to be logging into facebook through https but somehow lost that to http. If I log-in to facebook, either through http or manually type https, I see my facebook home page, but as soon as I click on anything (friends, account…)I get booted out of facebook. Help please.

I use it but than I want to go my page,it dosen’t open!!!!!!!!!??????

hi.. i already solve my problem about my fb account.. 3 days of headache because of prompts. Thanks to you

now it is working properly.thanx 4ur tips…so nice of u…

I changed my facebook security to https and now my computer won’t open facebook at all so that I can uncheck it. I have easyedge internet on my phone and can get onto facebook there but in settings I don’t have the option for to change secure settings.

it’s = it is
its = property of it

Funny how little things like these can make you lose credibility. Just sayin’.

ohai –

Thanks for the tip. I make that mistake frequently. Not being a professional writer (and not ever trying to pass myself off as one) I don’t think such errors hurt my credibility to the point of losing it. Especially if there are very few, if any, other grammatical mistakes. I’m an amateur writer who tries his best. Emphasis on amateur.

i tried to disable the secure browsing but it can’t be saved, the save button is not woring, how’s that?

it will not let me play a game iamfam

I have a problem with the game Farmville. I have done the Irish setter twice and cannot get it to count on the goals. Please fix fast or my goal will not make it. Thanks.

I’m puzzled. Why are you asking me this question? What am I supposed to do about it?

thx this helped me alot now i can go on my apps

i want this secuity message every time i log in stopped. it is interfering with my accessing my emails

why i m seeing that my aacount is insecure? pls help me for that

Thanks very much!

thaaaaaaaaaaaaankx man it worked :) :* very gudddd

i have the same problem when i want to deactivate secure browsing. and save changes is unclickable.i just use internet explorer cause google wont work. at last its done.

I seem to have a padlock symbol before the https in the address bar ..I am unable to read any comments people are leaving under my photos that I have posted ..Although the people that have posted the comments tell me they can see them ..Help please ….

Thank you so much!

I got an issue with an app I have created when I run the php file and it try to login to facebook it says the app does not support SECURE BROWSING. Yet my app points to the https Canvas page url. Also I have selected sandbox mode in Fcebook app screen. I have not selected website logon.

Not sure how to solve this

but in my fb account that save button is desable..then how i can desable the secure browsing.?

Hi sir, i want to say that i have enabled secure browsing in my account. So what benefit can i get from it? Actually i had my account two times blocked with uc browser. When i tried to access my account suddenly it gave captcha code and asked of to identify the photos of my friends. And in this way my two fb account were blocked and till now i could not unlock them. Why such happens? I enter the correct email and password also. What i have to do to keep my account free from any locks. Plz help me.

I am having an issue when I try to go to Facebook. I have tried both Chrome and IE with no luck. As soon as Facebook Log in screen starts to load (not even putting in any acct info) my entire computer freezes. I can see the log in and password boxes but that is as far as I can go. I am able to get on every other website except Facebook? Could it be a setting that was changed by accident?

I have fixed my problem above…I had to reset my secure connection by typing the path into the web browser starting with https

Vanessa – Thanks for following up. I hope others can learn from your experience.

uh, you see. HTTPS/SSL locked my my social networking websites :( (fb, twitter) how would i deactivate it? i tied every method. irt doesnt seem to work :(

I have no idea how to help you. I don’t even totally understand the problem. What exactly did you do that got you locked out?


F/B is blank page, I have even deleted my cookies.


F/B sucks

thanks , it really works! and finally i can browse my fb! yay!

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Click the “unsubscribe” link on the bottom of the email you receive.

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I have tried everything to turn off Https secured browsing on facebook from deactivating my account to logging on in different browsers to logging on with my phone and nothing works,this mess is slowing down my games and pages are loading slower what else can i do? thanks

searched for a fix for the secure browsing in facebook having no edit button to change settings. have had no luck finding any useful info. any help would be appreciated.

Cynthia u can turn off secure browsing by going to tools – acct settings – security. then to the right top f the list should have secure browsing with an edit button to the right . can hit edit and turn off… if you have the edit button that is .. mine is missing

what can i do when i haven’t got edit button in section “secure browsing”

This post is 3 years old. Things have changed. I suggest you keep secure browsing on. But if you still want to turn it off Google other solutions.

The checkbox is missing on the secure browsing… I wonder why? Before it was there… (-_-)

i can’t even just go to http://www.facebook.com. when i try to manually type it in the address bar then hit enter, it will automatically direct me to https. i’m using chrome.

i can log in,but i cannot see my timeline.there are some word like ‘secure your account’come out at my account facebook.can you help me to remove the secure my accout?i want to see my timeline.please help me?

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