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GeoCities Goes Kaput

Apple App store ships 1 billion apps so far. Yahoo to close GeoCities. Facebook approves new TOS. T-Mobile sells million G1 phones. Pentagon says data breach wasn’t that bad. MSFT quarterly falls! Intel’s prediction for the decade. This show brought to you by code word TECH. Click to listen: [Audio clip: view full post […]

16 Core Chips and You!

Apple gets more money from iPhone sales. New CEO loves AT&T. MySpace developer quits. AMD coming up with 16 core chip. Soy toner coming, edible? Twitter changes specs. Congress looking into broadband pricing while Joe Biden wants to stop piracy. Your BOT infected machine and what it can do. Click to listen: [Audio clip: view […]

Hackers Everywhere!

Hackers break into Lockheed, the Defensive Department, the Air Force Air Traffic Control system and the Power grid. Cripes! China Mobile decides to do app store. Oprah joins Twitter and the service is slammed by new users chewing up bandwidth. It may be a fad. Belkin has unique USB charger that slips into the car […]

Digg dumps Microsoft

Oracle to buy Sun for $7.4B. Why? Ballmer was shocked and stunned. Adobe doing flash for TV coming. Apple app store makes no money. Win 7 starter kit is nuts. New Apple-PC ads coming out shortly. Fox news uses citizen journalists now. Digg dumps Microsoft.3G upgraded . Pirate Bay was an art project. Apple Netbook […]

Will Apple Kill Slingplayer for iPhone? Why?

Google revenues and sales continue to grow. Video games sales slump. IBM pushing 28nm trick for the next generation of chips. Slingplayer to be killed by Apple. Guess why! Microsoft will public beta Office 2010. Sun back in the sack with IBM? HP tops Dell. Pirate Bay Server becomes a museum piece. Click to listen: […]