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Dell Earnings Plummet

 Microsoft starts to screw up Windows 7. It begins! Kindle text-to-speech is not going to ruin audio book business. Dell earnings slide 48-percent. How? Microsoft is slashing pay for contractors. New chip technology designed not to work right. Error-prone chips somehow improve battery life. Google lets you add pictures to street view. Judge makes person […]

Nokia Laptop Coming

Windows Mobile 7 to be released in 2010. Boycott has begun to not buy any e-book priced over $9.99. Sources in Asia say that Windows 7 will be out in September for sure. Check out Cranky Geeks for a debate. AMD Istanbul chip being showed. Dell Mini 10 does not have upgradeable memory. Nokia may […]

Kindle=Hitchhiker’s Guide?

Gotta love this comic from XKCD.

Office 14 Delayed

Look out for Excel bug. Get yours fixed. No Office 14 until 2010. Gmail has another outage. Meanwhile everyone still marching into the cloud. Steve Jobs is 54. Google jumps on the anti-MSFT EU case with Mozilla and Opera. Micron lays off  2000. Dick Tracy watch from LG. I list the MIT 10 Emerging Technologies […]

What I Learned From One Hundred Pushups

I blogged previously about one hundred pushups. I started the program in October and am finally ready to discuss my experiences with it. One hundred pushups is a six week program consisting of three workouts per week of various numbers of sets and reps per set. The basic idea is that at the end of […]