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Getting Symbol Fonts to Display in Firefox

Here’s something that’ll be interesting for the geek crowd. I was working on my departments blog and was trying to get a character to display using the Wingdings font. The character was diplaying perfectly in IE but not in Firefox. No matter what I tried it wouldn’t work. After alot of trial & error and […]

IE7 Will Be An Automatic Update

According to this report Microsoft will be making IE7 a “high priority” update due to it’s security upgrades. This means that IE7 will be automatically updated on all computer running IE7 that has automatic updates turned on. Let the Microsoft bashing begin… again.

Owen Wilson Pisses Off Steely Dan

The founders of the band Steely Dan are upset with Owen Wilson over his new movie You, Me and Dupree and it’s similarities to the song “Cousin Dupree” off their 2000 album Two Against Nature. The band posted an open letter to Owen’s brother, Luke Wilson in which they rip Owen for his part in […]

Windows Defender Madness!

Recently Windows Defender (formerly Windows Antispyware, formerly Giant Software Company Antispyware) prompted me to install a new version. I have a Windows 2000 laptop I keep around to play and test with so I figured I’d try it there forst and see if it’s worth doing on my other systems that have Windows Defender installed. […]

Song Displayer Rewrite?

The Now Playing section I recently added to the sidebar shows the song I currently have playing in WinAmp on my desktop. To add this functionality I am using a version of Song Displayer that I had to massively rewrite to get working for me. Before I explain why I had to rewrite it let […]