Getting Symbol Fonts to Display in Firefox

Here’s something that’ll be interesting for the geek crowd.

I was working on my departments blog and was trying to get a character to display using the Wingdings font. The character was diplaying perfectly in IE but not in Firefox. No matter what I tried it wouldn’t work.

After alot of trial & error and web research I cam up with the following solution outlined here (at the bottom of the page).

  1. Open this file from your Firefox installation directory: (If you installed to the default directory the path will be C:Program FilesMozilla
  2. Find the following lines of text:

    # Symbol font
    encoding.symbol.ttf = Adobe-Symbol-Encoding

  3. Replace thoese lines with the following:

    # Symbol font
    ## encoding.symbol.ttf = Adobe-Symbol-Encoding
    # Symbol font
    #encoding.symbol.ttf = Adobe-Symbol-Encoding
    #– fixing by hand — Enabling Symbol font for Mozilla on Windows
    #– file://C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox/res/fonts/
    encoding.symbol.ttf = windows-1252
    encoding.wingdings.ttf = windows-1252
    encoding.wingdings2.ttf = windows-1252
    encoding.wingdings3.ttf = windows-1252
    encoding.webdings.ttf = windows-1252

You will now be able to view the Symbol, Wingdings, Wingdings2, Wingdings3 and Webdings fonts in Firefox. Note that this must be done on the client end. In other word, people who have not made this change to their Firefox installations will not be able to see the fonts.

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Hello Everyone.

There’s just a small problem with the encoding lines to be replaced. I tried to replace them exactly the way you have provided. However, I couldn’t get the wingdings fonts to work in my firefox. After several tries, I decided to get firefox source code, and check out what was going on. I found out that in two lines of the comments provided there’ve been two special symbols on which firefox doesn’t know how to handle them. Here is the problem:
#– (This (-) somehow is treated as a special symbol ) fixing by hand — Enabling Symbol font for Mozilla on Windows
#– ((-) the same problem occurs in here) file://C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox/res/fonts/

After erasing them, I finally was able to use wingdings fonts.

Well, I hope this will help out.

I tried the above recommendation of removing the dashes and the problem was still there. I then cut and pasted each of the 5 ‘encoding..’ lines and manually hitting on each line. This resolved the problem for me.

manually hitting RETURN, that is.

Useful, but it isn’t a solution to web due to normal users will don’t do this!

Anybody know a web solution? Like a table with codes: ▴ and ▾ ?

itt wonnt let me save it whenn i try to after iv pasted that other part.

Slight problem trying to do this in Firefox 3. The file “” doesn’t exist. It’s not hidden or anything, it simply isn’t there anymore.

I tried creating a file in res/fonts with that name and the above code, but nothing happened. Wingdings still doesn’t display. Any suggestions?

No folder by that name in my version. Halp!

I’ve been looking around trying to find a fix since this didn’t do it. Apparently Firefox had an update in July 2009 that changed something so this won’t work anymore. I haven’t been able to find any fix that DOES work. If anyone does, please post it! Or email me. I’d love to be able to see my fonts 🙁

Okay.. since I had to type my email in to comment I thought it’d show up in the post but it didn’t. But it’s So if anyone finds a fix, let me know.

Why not just use Unicode? That gives you support on other platforms than windows as well (the symbol font doesn’t exist on other platforms so even if you are using firefox this workaround still won’t help.) IE just allows you to do this in a broken way.

The only reason I can think of for wanting to attempt doing it this way is if you looking for a symbol that doesn’t exist in Unicode, but that seems pretty unlikely considering the amount of characters that are supported in unicode.


does this work with Firefox 3.6.8?
If in which file do I add it to?

I don’t know. My original post was written so long ago. You have nothing to lose by trying.

@Kastanja: I face the same problem (Firefox for Mac OSX). No file found containing “encoding.symbol”: anyone for a clue ?

I was hoping that this would allow me to display and print barcode fonts with Firefox. Unfortunately anything similar does no longer exist in FF 3.6 or 4.0





I second Jack’s comment, what has replaced that file in v6.0.2

Anybody have the solution for the FF8?

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