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WordPress Backup Restore Plugin

When I first started using WordPress about a year ago I looked for a backup plugin. I wanted a nice and easy way to backup both the database and the files so I would be able to download them locally in case my provider went down and took all my data with it. Not only […]

New Version of WP-GenericFooter

I have released a new version of my WP-GenericFooter plugin for wordpress. The plugin adds a footer to all posts and pages on your WordPress blog. The revision is very minor. All it does is add the cool fade effect to the ‘Updated options.’ message on the Admin page. A very minor revision, indeed, but […]

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Got ED and can’t get Viagra? Try using a pencil instead! This guy did.

Firefox Crashing?

Is it just me or does the latest version of Firefox ( crash alot. In the last hour it’s crashed 3 times on me on Win2k. It’s also crashed several times on my 2 XP machines recently. I never had problems like this with Firefox until now and I’ve been using Firefox regularly (but not […]

Introducing the WP-GenericFooter Plugin

I have finally written my first WordPress plugin. It’s called WP-GenericFooter because it adds a generic footer to all posts made on your blog. It’s inspired by the footers you see at the end of columns in newspapers and magazines. You know, the little italicized paragraph at the end of the article. You can see […]