Tales of the Stupid

More Tales of the Stupid

The Orlando Sentinel has posted a story about a woman who called 911 because she was locked in her car. This is not a joke.

Teens Arrested After Calling Victim

There was a story in the news this morning about five teens who were arrested after calling the man they had mugged the day before and taunting him. The call was traced by police and the kids were arrested. This is exactly the reason we need to keep our kids in school. Instead these kids […]

UK Teens Are Dumb

A study shows that UK teens use condoms to prevent pregnancy and messes and to prolong sex but not to protect from STDs. But that’s not the most surprising fact brought out in the study. Six percent of those polled (no pun intended) said they put the condom on after penetration and another six percent […]

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Got ED and can’t get Viagra? Try using a pencil instead! This guy did.