List Differences in Two Cell Ranges in Google Spreadsheet

Another tip from my recent work in Google Spreadsheets. I had two columns of data and was looking for a way to display items that appeared in one column that didn’t appear in the other. The combination of the FILTER and MATCH functions is how I accomplished this. The FILTER function returns items from a […]

Access Data From Another Spreadsheet in Google Spreadsheets

I’ve been working with Google Spreadsheets a bit lately and have learned a few tricks. One such trick was learned when I had to find a way to have data in one spreadsheet automatically update based on data that’s in another spreadsheet. This turned out to be quite easy once figured out. Here’s how to […]

Making The Atom Feed For A Tag in Google Reader Public

Google recently changed it’s sharing functionality in Google Reader to share exclusively with Google+. As part of this change starred and tagged items changed too. Specifically the behavior of their associated ATOM feeds have. The feeds still exist and work in the same way but you no longer have the option to make them public. […]

Why Is This Person Following Me on Google+?: A Suggestion

If you’re like me and on Google+ odds are you have people who have added you to their circles that you don’t know. I actually don’t mind if people I don’t know add me to their circles (Twitter has desensitized me to this) but I don’t want to share certain personal information with them. One […]

Tweeting to Google Buzz

Earlier this week Google introduced Google Buzz. Buzz is a way to make GMail a bit more than just a cool email engine. It’s Google’s way of making it more like a social network. You can see other people’s Buzz statuses and comment on them. Buzz is tightly integrated with in the GMail design. Just […]