Access Data From Another Spreadsheet in Google Spreadsheets

I’ve been working with Google Spreadsheets a bit lately and have learned a few tricks. One such trick was learned when I had to find a way to have data in one spreadsheet automatically update based on data that’s in another spreadsheet. This turned out to be quite easy once figured out. Here’s how to do it:

1 – Every spreadsheet has a key. This key can be found by looking at the “key=” parameter of the URL for the spreadsheet. Make a note of the key of the spreadsheet you want to capture data from (your source).
2 – Make a note of the cell range the data you need resides in.
3 – Go to the spreadsheet you want to include the data in (your target) and include the following formula at the location you want the source data to appear:
=IMPORTRANGE("abcd123abcd123", "sheet1!A1:C10")

In this example replace “abcd123abcd123” with the key of your source spreadsheet and “sheet1!A1:C10” with the cell range you want.

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