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600,000 Laptops Stolen in Airports a Year

Norway probling Microsoft. Everyone has to get into the act. Lo-Jack for laptops? More than 600,000 laptops stolen in airports yearly. How does this happen in these "secure" airports? AD blockers worry advertisers. Why does Sun Microsystems have a chief gaming officer? EBay burned for allowing sales of fakes. Samsung pushing OLED. Look for Rhapsody […]

Slow PS3 Sales in the News

Bill Gates coverage delivers 1109 articles today alone. This has to hurt the stock. Susan Decker in the news for unknown reason. Intel sticking with XP, hates Vista. Microsoft to buy Powerset. Slow PS3 sales being blamed on thing or another. Should Microsoft be busted up? Rethinking the old idea. Oracle may get $1 billion […]

Will Bill Gates Please Leave the Building!

New top level domains still in play. Look for among other names. A land rush projected. 700 redundant news stories today about Bill Gates and how he’s retiring. Cripes. When will it end? Dell adding colorful laptops. What took them so long? Microsoft indeed going on a buying spree. Intuit does layoffs. This is […]

Fiji Government Outraged over Microsoft

T-Mobile pushes home service for $10 a month unlimited. Texas Size-asteroid hit Mars. How do they know? Charter Communications does good deed, stock falls. Gates stories keep coming and they are killing us. Averaging 200-300 stories a day! California doomed if it gets hotter. XP may be available past June 30. Media goes back and […]

Video: Photoshop for the iPhone