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How To Fix Nintendo DSi L and R Buttons

My son’s been having a problem with his Nintendo DSi. The L and R buttons (also known as shoulder buttons) seem to intermittently fail. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. This is not the first time he’s had an issue with the DSi. While it was under warranty he did something that would be called […]

Lexus Ads Insensitive?

Every year Lexus, the luxury car division of Toyota, runs a holiday ad campaign for their December to Remember event. The basic premise of the commercials is someone gives a car with a giant red ribbon bow on top to a loved one for the holidays. When this started several years ago it didn’t bother […]

I Don’t Work For Yahoo

The first post of this blog told the story of how I recovered my Yahoo account after it had been hijacked. The subject actually turned into a 3 part series. I wrote these posts because I knew I wasn’t the only one who had lost control of their Yahoo account and couldn’t get it back […]

Find Your Voice?

Yesterday’s post about my desire to blog more often generated only 1 comment but several ‘offline’ discussions (if you count Twitter and Facebook as offline). The main term that kept repeating itself is ‘find your voice’. I’ve heard this term many times in relation to blogging and even to writing in general (before the blog […]

Writing Aspirations/Lamentations

I’ve blogged off and on for several years. Mostly off because I find it hard to come up with ideas of what to blog about. I like to write but I’m just not that creative. I certainly want to write more often than I do but find it hard to do so. This morning I […]