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IPad Mania Cranks.

IPad hype cranked to the max. Hadron collider works! YouTube and Twitter change interface. Rimm disappoints shareholders. New Cisco wireless routers supposedly brain-dead easy. MSFT cuts Zune prices big-time. Whatever happened to the brown Zune? Vietnamese dissidents are cyber targets. Toads can predict earthquakes. Novell beats SCO.   Show presented by e-Harmony. Get a date. […]

Magnets Change Morality? What?

AT&T going to get aggressive against Verizon. Hadron collider did something. But what? Google and MSFT worried about privacy laws in the cloud. iPad info tightens up. Government getting on the idea that electronics in cars needs looking into. eBay killing Kajiji. Good! Magnetic beams can loosen your morality. Twitter fixing site. End of iPod […]

Hadron Ready to Blow Up World

iPad hype being cranked up above normal. Doorway to the afterlife found. Verizon online to roll iPhone. New DSi XL getting ink. Hadron collider to do mega-blast tomorrow. Google fiber still getting ink. Facebook getting blasted again over more privacy issues. Linux on the PS3 Kaput! Zune upgraded. 1TB 2.5-inch drive. Wow. When will it […]

Hacked iPad Already?

CTIA conference highlights new phone. Apple iBookstore to have explicit content. Google to wait until end of year to pick fiber experimental cities. Credit card hacker gets 20 years. Nokia buys browser company. Google to share case from phones in some way. Free Wi-Fi in New York City? I tell you how. Bing slams Google. […]

Stop the Presses! Steve Jobs Answers Email!

IPad publishers to charge money and still have advertising. Republicans getting too involved in tech. Netflix to roll out Wii. Hackers cracking IE* and other weirdness. Is Sprint too early with new phone? Huh? Bing to do a redesign again! Are they going to rename it again? Steve Jobs answers email Stop the Presses!! YouTube […]