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Disable Facebook Places Tagging

Facebook Places was just announced last night and already people are panning the privacy aspects. The truth is that it’s probably no less respectful of one’s privacy than Foursquare or Gowalla. For those not familiar with any of the services mentioned above they are all location tracking services where one can “check in” at a […]

Seven-Inch iPad Coming?

Michael Dell under attack from the shareholders. HP board trying to explain the Hurd situation.IBM sued for fraud. Orleans working the cloud for Microsoft. Company has new navigation system and a new kind of MS-Mouse. Intel fixing NAND devices. SanDisk going after SSD biz. Australia is crazy. ZDNet seems clueless. Google not helping dev enough. […]

iPhone Owners Love the 4

Intel agrees to end chip wars to appease the FTC. Listen to for more info. Blackberry Torch being scrutinized. Google kills Wave. Does anyone recall Wave? EU likes the iPhone. They hate the Blackberry. Why? Apple has huge security hole. Facebook and MSFT settle lawsuits. Facebook hooking into various SmartPhones. Clearwire hooking to iPhone. […]

Kindle Sells Out!

Social media sucking up most of people’s time online. Email fading. Android sales topping iPhone in sales. The crossover should stick. But therein lies the rub. Dvorak’s advice: do not drop an iPhone4. Meanwhile, a new easy jailbreak is available. Motorola Droid updated this week. MSFT does early patch for shortcut flaw. Win 7 passes […]