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Blog Cleanup

In cleaning up the blog I made some changes to the pages about my WordPress plugins. The big ones are as follows: I changed the status of the pages for the Google Player Widget and the WordPress Backup Restore Plugin to draft essentially withdrawing them from the public. The Google Player Widget doesn’t work anymore […]

Grandma Smashes Comcast Office With Hammer

Ever feel so upset at your cable company you just wanted to pick up a hammer and take a few whacks at them? This lady did. And she is a hero to us all.

A Boy Named Drop Table

I ran across this comic the other day and felt it worth noting.

WordPress 2.3 Upgrade

I’ve upgraded the WordPress spftware that runs this blog to the new 2.3 version. Though I’ve done some testing it’s possible that I missed something. So if you see something odd or something doesn’t work right please let me know.

Google Toolbar Button Plugin Conflict

You may have noticed the absence of the Google Toolbar Button link my sidebar. Though I have not taken down the page to download the plugin I have removed the plugin from my blog temporarily because it was causing a conflict with another plugin I’m using and the conflict was wrecking havoc on my blog. […]