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Getting Hit On While Picking Up Takeout

One night last week we ordered Chinese food for dinner. We called in the order and then I went down to the basement to ride on my exercise bike. After I was done on the bike I showered and went out to pick up the food. The cashier was a young woman wearing tight sweatpants […]

Conference Call Rules

I have been sitting in on a series of training sessions done via conference call this week. The sessions are designed to educate partners about changes being made and new functionality being added in the latest version of the company’s software. I was amazed at the lack of etiquete displayed on the part of the […]

Song of the Day: Jeremy by Pearl Jam

Today’s song of the day is Jeremy by Pearl Jam. I heard this song while stuck in traffic on the way to work this morning. If you don’t know the song it’s about a boy who commits suicide by shooting himself in front of his high school class. As I grow older it hits me […]

Dell Says it Will Kill the iPhone!

Google changing strategy and adopting the semantic search model. Dell says it will release an iPhone killer. Oh really? iPhone sued over being used as a book reader. Suse Linux 11 hopes to take over data centers. IBM and Wyse getting together to re-introduce thin client computing. Win7 being changed as expected. Red Hat to […]

Will IBM NOT Buy Sun??

Sony-Ericsson to stay in place. Apple iPhone all over the news with weird stories and gossip. I reveal it here. Microsoft IE8 flopping. People bailing out already! Dell to Buy Palm? Why mot? Al Gore fuss over his speech. I suspect a publicity stunt. IBM Sun deal seems to be fading. Linux World to become […]