Twenty Minute Flow

In an effort to kick start my writing I’m taking on online writing class. The first assignment is to write anything that comes to mind over a 20 minute period. The following is my entry.

I saw a news story today about online gamers calling 911 to send emergency services to the homes of their online opponents as a way to get an edge in the game. The calls usually report fake hostage situations or murders requiring SWAT teams be sent. As troubling as this is I’m not sure what’s more troubling: the trend itself or the fact that there’s a nickname for the phony calls (“swatting”)?

I have been a New York Jets fan since I was a child and what’s more infuriating to me than the fact that they haven’t won a Superbowl in my lifetime is that they keep finding creative ways to lose. The latest instance took place yesterday in a 31-24 loss to the Green Bay Packers.

Late in the game the Jets scored a touchdown to bring the score to 31-30 (the pending extra point would have tied the game). But the game officials ruled that the Jets had called a timeout just before the ball was snapped. This, of course, nullified the touchdown. At first viewing it didn’t look like anybody called a timeout but television replays showed that Jets Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg had signaled a timeout from the sideline. What is really wrong with this is that only a head coach can call a timeout from the sideline. So the timeout that cost the Jets a chance to tie the game was, by rule, not allowed to be called.

Game officials will say that when the snap is imminent they cannot take their eyes off the field of play to verify who is calling the timeout. This is understandable. But the rule exists so there must be a mechanism to enforce it. Unfortunately for the Jets yesterday that mechanism doesn’t exist.

I’ve listened to the new U2 album, “Songs of Innocence”, several times since it was released as part of Apple’s iPhone 6 announcement last week. As a long time U2 fan I was excited for the new release. The actual songs on the album, however, tempered my excitement.

I had heard rumors that they were working on something so I wasn’t surprised there was something new but I was surprised at the Apple promotion. Still, it was new U2 so I gave it a listen as soon as possible. Needless to say, based on what I’ve written so far, I am underwhelmed by the new tracks.

Though there are some points that I enjoy there is really nothing new here. The songs, of course, are new but there’s nothing about their execution that is new. I could swear I’ve heard some of these tunes on other U2 albums. It’s just the same sound in different packaging. They’re no longer originating their sound but rather just sounds like their old material.

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Well written and articulate post.I learned from your post that you love football and music. What other things are you passionate about ?

You have chosen very interesting form. Like a triptych!

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