There Are Loud People In This Kitchen

Some of you may remember from previous posts that at work my workstation is in the kitchen. As such people come in and out all the time. Right now there are 6 people in here. I could deal with that if they appeared to be doing something that was kitchen specific such as getting coffee […]

My Crazy Morning

I had an interview set up for a 3 month consulting position this morning at 11. Google Maps told me it would take me about 24 minutes to get there. I actually left home at about 10 to take into account that the trip would probably take longer than Google told me and that I’d […]

Too Much Comment Spam

I’ve been getting a lot of comment spam lately. You’ll never see it on the blog because my comment spam filters catch it all. I wish the comment spammers would realize this and cut it out because it’s really becoming a chore to clear it all out on the back end. Bloody annoying.

NJ Tax Rebate Woes

I was reading in this morning’s paper that the state of New Jersey has pushed back the deadline for filing for property tax rebates until October. (It had originally been August 15.) The reason was that people are having problems out the forms. As a New Jersey home owner I filled one of these forms […]

Comcasts Out Of Date Support

Last Thursday morning I ran a LiveUpdate of my Norton software (AntiVirus, etc.). After the update was complete I shut down my machine and didn’t start it up again until that night. When I finally did start it up I could not send or receive email. Not thinking that the Norton upgrade would be the […]