Adam Curry Going Through Divorce

I just finished listening to the 98th episode of the No Agenda podcast and was surprised by the news at the beginning about Adam Curry and his wife, Patricia, going through a divorce. I only follow Curry through No Agenda and only see or hear him outside of that venue incidentally but was shocked at the news. I have only heard him say complimentary things about his wife. It seemed like he was very much in love with her and, based on a couple of brief appearances by her on No Agenda, she seemed to be in love with him too. There didn’t appear to be any indication that there was a problem between them so I was puzzled as to what happened there.

But we live in interesting times, my friends. Times in which Google can be used for both good and evil. A quick Google search turned up some interesting information. Lat week the Dutch magazin Story published an article in which Patricia says that they will be divorcing after 20 years of marriage and that Curry is having an affair with Micky Hoogendijk, a Dutch actress. There’s video of the two having lunch together in Ibiza.

Sorry to hear about your divorce, Adam. I’m also sorry your daughter has to deal with it. But you made your bed with another woman and now you have to deal with it.

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I was a little stunned by the news, almost as stunned when I found out that there is a 16 year age difference between them with him being the junior.
Overall I was a little upset at the week off of No Agenda shows. But hey, these things are hard.

Was saddened by this news today – Adam and Patricia seemed like a great couple from the 5 years I’ve been listening to him. Why he’d give that up after 22 years for a woman he’s known less than 2 months is beyond me. No sympathy for him though, only his wife and daughter who have to deal with the fallout. Lost a lot of respect for AC over this incident.

Wow. Who the hell are you to sit there so high and mighty and condemn other people for actions you know nothing about?
Leave the couple alone.
No one gives a hoot what you think of Adam or the rumours you are so ready to condemn the guy for.
Even if true, you don’t know the details, you don’t know what has happened between his wife and him over the years.
How can you possibly know much at all?
Things are never as simple or as black and white as they may seem so get off his back and go back to your usual crap.
Crap that I won’t be reading.
Oh and your comment about his daughter?
His daughter is aGROWN WOMAN.
Most people are actually glad when they can be open and honest with their kids and if she can’t deal with this reality now, then what chance has she for the rest of her life?
The thing is, she is very grown up and so your worries are unfounded. Like the rest of your article.

HitMe –

You are correct about me not knowing the details. I can only comment on what is said and acknowledged publicly. (They were even caught on video.) As for my concerns about his daughter, if you are not concerned then you have never been close to a divorce where there are children of any age involved.

And, by the way, the daughter is 19 and supposedly very close with her father. 19 is hardly a grown woman. (Obviously she’s not a toddler anymore but she’s barely reached adulthood.) And when a child is particularly close with either parent in a divorce it becomes that much harder for everyone involved to deal with. I know more on the subject than you may think.

I wasn’t judging him. I was just expressing an opinion based on the knowledge I had of the situation shortly after hearing the news. Just as your comment is an expression of your opinion of what I wrote. I could have just deleted it but I approved it since we all have a right to have an opinion.

– Dave

I’m in absolute agreement with hitme. I’ve been a listener of Adam Curry’s since around the 100th episode of his podcast, The Daily Source code, with which he unfortunately lost the time to publish at the beginning of this year. I practically feel like I’m best friends with Adam, having listened to him almost daily since my seventh grade year of highschool (I’m a junior now). As such, I’ve also listened to scores of episodes of the Daily Source Code in which the two lovebirds flirted back and forth. I’m positive both have good hearts, and I’m positive that more is going on than just a bored Adam sleeping with another woman…

Tabloid press is an awful thing, and the bottom line is we’ll never (as it should be) know the full details of their separation and divorce. The sad thing in this case is that the media has become involved, and I’m sure that it is looking to make some good money off of their misfortune through rampant speculation without sources to back them up.

Before being so quick to judge, why not step back and realize how limited your scope of this story is? I’m not going to claim to know what’s going on… I’m positive the two are smart enough to make decisions in their lives though, and I’m sure they will keep their mutual love, their daughter, in close mind throughout the ordeal.

sunsurfin –

Very nice, well though out comment. You happen to be correct. In my experiences listening to or watching Curry, mostly on No Agenda but also several other venues such as the rare occasions I’d listen to Daily Source Code (great name for a podcast), an appearance on Cranky Geeks and even his old MTV days (yes, I’m that old) among others, he seems to be a stand up guy. You can tell in his voice when he talking about his wife that he was truly in love with her and based on the couple of No Agenda’s I’ve heard since the news broke it seems like he still is. I give him all the credit in the world for this. I know how hard it is to keep a marriage working and all the temptations there are that conspire to break it apart. (I’m assuming that at your age you have not had this experience as I have.)

As I’ve already said I’m not judging him. My comment is based on the admittedly very little knowledge I have of the story. There is obviously a lot that I’m not privy to. I feel bad that a relationship that seemed as strong as theirs has broken apart. I hope that regardless of what happened they can work through this and have a happy ending.

But I also know a lesson I was taught at a very young age that applies here: “If you dance you’re going to have to pay the piper”. And that is where my comment was drawn from. He did something (either with this woman or something totally different that we don’t know about) that caused his wife to file for divorce. For whatever reason he danced. Now it’s time for him to pay the piper.

I wish Adam all the luck in the wold on this and hope that it works out for the best.

– Dave

But I also know a lesson I was taught at a very young age that applies here: “If you dance you’re going to have to pay the piper”.

I refuse to buy into the idea that if something bad happens to someone, they must have done something to deserve it. It smacks of Calvinism. It’s also too convenient that it happens to provide moral justification for kicking someone when they are down when applied after the fact and not as a warning. I, for one, only have compassion for Adam and the tough time he is going through. Even if it was related to something he did, he did not cause the divorce. A divorce is a broken zipper and it doesn’t matter which side is “at fault.”

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Listen, I’m a huge fan of No Agenda and I think Adam and John make a great team. It seemed as though Adam and his wife were fine.

However, unless they had a prior agreement, it’s fair to say that if you cheat on your spouse there is a good chance you’ll end up divorced. This is not Calvinism; when you have an affair, you’re knowingly breaking a marriage contract. This is cause and effect.

We all like Adam and feel empathy for him because of this, but there’s no need to pretend that he is absolutely perfect. It doesn’t make his show any less entertaining or our sympathy any less sincere. I can’t believe other posters supported Hitme’s bizarre rant.

Imagine chastizing someone for expressing sympathy for a teenager or denying cause and effect! I think Dvorak would suggest that this is what is wrong with the younger generation.

Hopefully, it will all turn out well and everyone involved will end up happy. Perhaps the rest of us can acknowledge that the people we respect and admire are human, and that it doesn’t take anything away from their accomplishments.

Kate –

Thanks for the comment. I explains my point perfectly.

– Dave

I found out about the split from my daughter who is a close friend of Christina…
it came as a real shock, as the last time I saw them, bout 2 years ago now, they had just moved house and all was hunky dory between them. I have a lot of time for Patricia… she was always fun and lots to talk about and a real mum to her girl.. and I’m saddened by the news…
Adam you are an idiot, Trisha is a lovely woman .. sigh
Men.. don’t get me started

Yes, it’s a shame it had to go down like that. A part of me hopes they can work it out but I’m not too hopeful.

~ Is he a real tool, or what?

(cont’d) I’ve recently subscribed to this guy’s podcast and am scanning through the previous episodes to catch up.

Between all the conspiracies he falls for and the fact that he’s an apparent player when it comes to romance…wow wee, what laughs!

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