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Eleven Browsers on Desktop

FTC and Intel in the news. Intel getting nailed again. nVidia CEO likes it. MSFT doing deals with EU. Company will drop 11 browsers on the desktop. Huh? BMW has an electric car. Yahoo numbers not the best. Psystar case rambling. Sexting is a bad idea say oldsters at ZDNet. Test messaging getting more popular […]

Teens Sexting Like Crazy

Google in trouble with other handset makers? MSFT admits guilt. Sexting common amongst teens. iMac problems continue to be in the news. Google claims URL shortening supposedly more secure. An octopus is smart. New exploit of PDF files. Patch today! Net neit5rality cropping up again. Oracle attacked over MySQL. WDC has cool new format. Best […]

A Conversation With A Former Coworker

I had an interesting discussion with a former co-worker last week. We met while working together at a particular company that I was very unhappy with. The company had a habit of mistreating their employees in various ways. When I left the company I told co-workers that I had a good opportunity that I felt […]

EU Mocks Intel

Google phone is the talk of the town. Nook e-reader has potential as a tablet PC. iMAC 27-inch display having issues. Is a text message private. The courts to decide. Facebook privacy settings are screwed up.  New URL shrinkers appear. Al Gore predicts end of polar ice. Apple redesigned the App store. iPhone design may […]

Everyone Making Handsets

Game sales down down down. Dinos all came from South America. FCC baffled by complaints. Tri-band Wi-Fi coming soon. HP gets more PR. Cracking the cloud. Acer gets on Android bandwagon. Brought to you by SquareSpace. Do a site this week! Check it out at using the code TECH for a big discount. Click to listen: [Audio clip: […]