Teens Sexting Like Crazy

Google in trouble with other handset makers? MSFT admits guilt. Sexting common amongst teens. iMac problems continue to be in the news. Google claims URL shortening supposedly more secure. An octopus is smart. New exploit of PDF files. Patch today! Net neit5rality cropping up again. Oracle attacked over MySQL. WDC has cool new format. Best […]

Student deal: Win 7 for $30

Palm gives up on Windows Mobile and seems to be giving up on making a profit. Attorney Generals not happy with Google Books. Get Win 7 for $30 if you are a student. Japan in space! The T-Rex prototype was a midget. Beatles Rock Band offering making tons of money. HP has new Dreamscreen. Bing […]

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

In case you didn’t know the last Monday of January has been designated as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. That’s today! In honor of the event play the bubble wrap popping game. Enjoy! I did.