Star Wars Generations

The great thing about Star Wars is the way it transcends generations.

When the original Star Wars was released in 1977 (none of this “A New Hope” stuff please) I went to see it with my siblings. As young as I was at the time I still loved the visual effects, the droids and the story of a young man starting to come of age and find himself (though I certainly couldn’t describe it that way at the time). There are lines from the original film (and, in fact, the original trilogy) that I still quote to this day.

Forty years later I’m preparing to take my kids to the latest installment of the franchise. Although the characters have changed and/or evolved and the stars are different (mostly), I still enjoy watching the movies and sharing the experience with my kids. The neverending battle between good and evil, the still cutting edge special effects and the memories of my childhood meshing with memories of theirs.


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