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Apple Buys Chip Company

Idiotic debate over the “lost” iPhone continues unabated. Nobody is defending Gizmodo. US Senate getting on the Facebook case. Apple buys Intrinsity. Why not buy ARM? Motorola Android is the top Android. Courts to take on violent video game issues. Apple App store porn upsets people. Nokia N8 getting attention. SIMS coming to consoles. McAfee […]

Share on Facebook Updated

In the last week I’ve released 2 updates to the Share on Facebook plugin. The first update, released last week, addresses functionality that several people had requested. Users wanted the ability to designate if the share should appear on posts, pages or both. So I added an option called Page Type that does just that. […]

Death of the Already Dead Floppy

Gizmodo editor raided by the police. I tell you about the structure of the courts. Violent video games to be regulated. Blackberry makes numerous announcements. Hawking hates aliens. Nexus One doomed to not work with Verizon. iBook reader showdowns coming. Sony ending the productions of the 3.5-inch floppy disk. New death panel coming. XP still […]

Google Drills into Credit Card data. Ha!

Google find credit card numbers in it search. It finds Blippy accounts! McAfee in full damage control. Hubble now 20 years old. Lost iPhone now under criminal investigation. Lufthansa offer free plane ride for the guy who lost phone. MSFT taken apart in Marketwatch column. Bing appears to be losing a ton of money. Lenovo […]

No News is Good News

Facebook Facebook Facebook. Cripes, I’m sick of it. Hitler’s Downfall, falls. Apple getting more annoyed by Adobe. McAfee working on the BUNGLE. Hulu about to shoot itself in the foot with an experiment. Gizmodo scoop was a loser says Gizmodo. Dell shows fancy phones. IPad not moving in Europe. Show presented by e-Harmony. Get a […]