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Google gah-gah over white space spectrum

Nine hurricanes coming. Sugar OS may be spread to other systems besides OLPC. Meanwhile the OLPC folks say the next XO 2.0 will $75? Har. Twitter gets $15 million. How to beat jet lag? Don’t eat? The Netflix box is a streaming box not download and play. This is not the way to go. Google […]


I don’t normally blog about my personal life but this was a rough week. On Tuesday I was working from home when the VP in charge of my area of the company called me on the phone. It was highly irregular for him to call me so I knew something was up. I very wearily […]

The Revenge of Mighty Mouse

Microsoft is now in the news too much. Gates still chattering about one thing or another. The company decides to bribe users to use their search engine. Microsoft Office not adding support for its own Open XML until Office 14. Apple and CBS sued over stealing Mighty Mouse name. Is Comcast irked over the set […]

Napster Rolls Out 6 Million MP3’s

Microhoo story of the day. Now Yahoo will bust itself up for the benefit of Microsoft. Yeah, um, OK! Is the OLPC dead. One columnist besides myself thinks so, maybe. Asterdata shows up on the scene. I go over their odd bios on the website. Napster rolls out 6 million unprotected MP3’s. Netflix reveals set […]

Ballmer Gets Egged

At least he has a sense of humor. Reminds me of the time Bill Gates got a pie in the face.