In Your Face!

Many people in this country take public transportation to work. In my case I take a bus from my little corner of suburbia to the big city. The operator of the line I take has a few basic rules for riders. No food or drink, clean up your newspapers when you leave, etc.. But the […]

Ridiculous Mobile Phone Upgrade Charge

Last week John C. Dvorak wrote a column entitled A Crusade Against Roaming Charges in which he complains about ths silliness of roaming charges. The whole things is a scam, he says. Rather than charge customers exorbitant fees for roaming outside their carriers coverage area wireless providers should charge their customers whatever the local charges […]

New Year’s Adjustments

The other night I posted the following on Facebook: I’m not much into new years resolutions. I believe any time is a good time for a resolution. As for me I’m always trying to be a better father, husband, son and friend. I may not be perfect in any of those roles but life isn’t […]

Don’t Email Me At Work!

I’ve written before about my pet peeve about recruiters calling me at work. But this morning I think I may have found something that irks me more: poorly written recruiting emails in my work inbox. This morning I received the following missive: It is my hope that this finds you well. The reason for this […]

Lexus Ads Insensitive?

Every year Lexus, the luxury car division of Toyota, runs a holiday ad campaign for their December to Remember event. The basic premise of the commercials is someone gives a car with a giant red ribbon bow on top to a loved one for the holidays. When this started several years ago it didn’t bother […]