Building a TwitPic Replacement with WordPress

A couple of months back the Twitter world was aghast at changes made to the terms of service of TwitPic, a third party service that stores photos for easy sharing with your Twitter followers, that would allow it to sell any photos posted to it royalty free and the subsequent deal it signed to, in […]

Turning Off Extraneous Emails from Twitter

Twitter introduced new email options this week that send emails every time you are mentioned (or replied to) and when your tweets are retweeted or marked as a favorite. I can see where newcomers to Twitter would find these settings useful but many veterans are already getting these notifications elsewhere. Many Twitter clients (I use […]

Create a Twitter Bot With PHP, YOURLs and Cron

Ever since I’ve been on Twitter I’ve been fascinated by Twitter bots. You know, automated Twitter posting robots. There are all sorts of Twitter bots. Most of them are Twitter accounts with a single purpose that are run by some sort of programming. Most often they monitor Twitter’s RSS feed for specific keywords and either […]

Turning Off in TweetDeck

One of my biggest Twitter pet peeves is when someone tweets longer than 140 characters and you need to click a link to go to another website to see the whole message. My opinion is that there are other ways to communicate messages that are longer than the Twitter limit such as splitting the message […]

Twitter Pet Peeves

As Twitter has grown in popularity I’ve developed some pet peeves about the way people use it. Here’s a few. Feel free to add yours to the comments. Live Blogging Events Twitter has become a place for people to live blog all sorts of things. I think this is a good thing. Well mostly a […]