Raspberry Pi Print Server With AirPrint (iOS) Compatibility

I was looking for a low cost way for my family to print from their iPhones, iPods and iPads when I realized that this would be a good job for my Raspberry Pi. The web is littered with instructions for this project. I mostly followed Lynsay Shepherd’s tutorial but not exactly. The steps I followed […]

Windows 7 Lock Screen Annoyance and Fix

I’m in the habit of locking my machine when I walk away from my desk. When I come back I just type in my password, hit enter and I’m back. But with the Windows 7 machine I’ve been using the last year or so I’ve had a recurring problem. The lock screen requires me to […]

“Free Public WiFi” Isn’t WiFi, It’s Just A Free Nuisance

If you’re like me you’ve seen “Free Public WiFi” show up on your mobile device, laptop, etc. when looking for wifi connectivity in the wild. Ever wonder why it never works? It doesn’t work because it doesn’t really provide wifi of any kind. In fact it’s not even a wifi hotspot. It’s an “ad hoc” […]

DRM Free iTunes and Pricing Changes

In 2003 Apple changed the face of legal MP3 downloads by opening the iTunes Store. What set iTunes apart from other online digital music stores was it’s flat rate $0.99 USD cent per track and no monthly subscription fee pricing scheme. This was an attractive price for consumers who would want to use the store […]

Secunia Software Inspector

It’s interesting how Windows users are always so concerned about having the latest updates for their operating system installed but don’t take the time to be sure their other software is up to date. I was recently turned on to the Secunia Software Inspector that checks for updates of installed software as well as Windows […]