How to Regain Control of Your Lost Yahoo Account (Part 2)

Picking up the story where I left off.

Apparently the next phase in the process is to fax Yahoo certain information (some of which I had already given them) to help prove that I am, indeed, the owner of my Yahoo account. Among the things they asked for was a copy of a photo ID. I don’t know why they need a photo but I complied by faxing a copy of such an ID as well as all the information they asked about anyway. Just as before this was not an 800 number so I had to pay the long distance charge on the fax.

That was last night. I’m still waiting to hear from them for the next step.

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[…] I’m following the story of a friend who lost their Yahoo account to phishing. Phishing is the evil art of faking someone into giving you their account information. Most often this is done with an email that looks like it came from the website in questions (whether it be Yahoo, eBay, PayPal, you bank, etc.) asking for you to reply with your username and password or to click a link in the email and enter your username or passwrod. (There are others phishing techniques as well but I won’t get into them now.) Based on my previous experience (documented here, here and here) I’m curious to see how things turn out. Once her issue is resolved I’ll post some detail about it here. tags: yahoo, tech This post appears on BOTD as Newest #68. […]

I got an yahoo photo link from my friend and once I clicked made my yahoomail password invalid. I tried to reset the
password but, my profile information not matching. Even I called 408-349-1572 but they also checking the profile and telling me its not matching and we can’t help. I asked then for
alternative way to get back. They said sorry we can not help.
If anybody got back their ID in this situation please help me out.


Mallik –

Have you tried the password reset feature? (It will not work if you don’t have an alternat email address on the account.)

Call them back and explain that your account has been phished and you no longer have control of it. Tell them how long you’ve had the account and how important it is for you to get it back. Volunteer information about the account and information about yourself that is relevant to the account. Talk to them nicely and calmly.

Then come back here and let me know how it went.

– Dave

Hey can u please give me the mailid u were asked to send the details to.
Bcos i am also finding my self in simialar situation.
I could loginto my messenger yesterday morning and after few hours i disconnected as i was moving away from system.
later on when i wanted to relogin its not allowing me to login into the messenger.
but i could login into mail yesterday till night. i thought i could be some problems with Messenger. and tried to login into messenger and mail today but to my surpraise iam not able to login into both mail and messenger.
all my trials of resetting the password etc etc have gone in vain. so iwanted to get the information to where i must contact yahoo guys, some medium through which i can contact them
email, phone etc i stay in INDIA please suggest me
i think u guys can understand the pain of loosing the yahoo entry using since 10years. please help me inthis regard

I feel your pain but there is a process they need you to go through. It starts with phone calls and escalates from there. You need to talk calmly to them and articulate your issue clearly. Make them understand that you are not trying to subvert someone else’s account and that you are willing to provide any information necessary for them to restore your account (which in my case included faxing them a copy of my driver’s license which was not an easy thing for me to do). Good luck.

i am havi a major issue here with yahoo its ive had for two plus yrs well someone used the cmputer i askd ificould use it she got off it i tried to sighn in nope like they never heard of me i forgot mysecurity answer another thingmy friends still email me and it dont send them back info saying its closed please for crying outloud help email me at thankyu godbless

Sheryl –

There is nothing that I can do for you. I am not a Yahoo insider and do not work for them and have no way of getting into their system to help you out. Read my story (all 3 parts) and you will see how I was able to get my Yahoo account back. The same process may or may not work for you. But you may want to start by calling (as I did).

i lost my old e-mail password.
i need the password and i don’t remember my security answers.
please help me out.!

I lost my yahoo email address after changing it two weeks ago. My new account is Please I have important mails in the previous account.

I have said it many times and will say it again now. This is not a forum to recover passwords. If your password was hacked only you can get it back. My story (all 3 parts) is here to show you how I did it. The same process may work for you or it may not. Either way there is no way for me to recover your account for you so please stop asking.

– Dave

Hi, same here. Good luck. Nice artyicle. Thanks 4 the info–

Yahoo is no help neither. 24 to 48 hrs is bull. Im going to take control of my phised email. The hackers will be getting raped in jail with all the jizz that will corode there minds and they my freind will go to hell and be my slaves right back at them.



I am not associated with Yahoo in any way and cannot unlock your website.

I was typing an e-mail when a verticalline appeared right dwon the middle os my screen i clicked on it to get rid of it but then the whole page changed and now I can’t access my inbox or anything else. Can anyone help?

Madleine – Not with the amount of information given. Tell us more about the machine and what’s running on it and maybe we can find some information that may help.

i dont know what in the world happened. but i can not open my emails nor send them. i have windowsinternet explore now which i never signed up for. i hadwindows xp with yahoo email with mcafee security-free because i had yahoo throughcomcast. i have weird things happening i can see other persons emails, one of my contacts when on line when not on line. i dont know how to get back to where i was, i am scared to death that my comp is going to crash, my passwords wont work,my pictures are moved all over, i have like 3-4 search engies on top of the screen. how do i get back to my original yahoo home page and mcafee security and get rid of all this crazy stuff????HELP

I ask att to change my email account just to make it shorter. I did not expect to have my entire home page,emails,news e-greeting etc. to change. I no longer receive emails because my contacts are not aware of email account change. I have tried Restore to a prior date to no avail Please restore my old account and Home Page!

I am so fed up with yahoo, but what can I say? Nothing works and it plays with your head. Can’t change my password because it takes you to a page that asks for ID . Give them same , it takes of the tail part and sticks there . I can’t find my account information and can’t do anything without logging in . No one answers the phone and everything piece of info takes me back to log in.

I also lost my yahoo account last December 2012. I dont know why it happened to me. Yahoo is asking where did I met my spouse? I answered all the places I knew where I meet my spouse, but still not accepted by yahoo.

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