How to Regain Control of Your Lost Yahoo Account (Part 3)

I’m a little late writing this post. About a day and a half after my last post I received an email from Yahoo with a new password for my Yahoo account! It was too late to salvage the previous week’s Fantasy Football game (in which I got trounced for my first loss of the season) but at least I’m back and able to get on with my life. Or at least the part of my life that’s on Yahoo. Now I need to find some more things to blog about. ‘Why?’, you ask. ‘Why not?’, I reply.

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The same thing just happened to me, I hope my luck ends up being as good as yours.

When you did get your account back was all your stuff ok, ie. email address book…


All my stuff was fine but your mileage may vary.

Hi Dave,
I have just been another victim of the game.Can you please send me the email id of the yahoo security so that i can try something and pray to get it back

Pls its very urgent for me

AS –

I’m no longer sending out the email address for various reasons. See this post and this post for more info. Read all the comments to the first post (especially the later ones) to understand my position better.

– Dave

I have said it many times and will say it again now. This is not a forum to recover passwords. If your password was hacked only you can get it back. My story (all 3 parts) is here to show you how I did it. The same process may work for you or it may not. Either way there is no way for me to recover your account for you so please stop asking.

– Dave

I also suspect somebody has gained access to my email account and actually attempted to con variuos persons in my list of addressees each of US$2500. Unfortunately i cannot rememmeber the alternate email ID (Opened the account in 2002 and was new to emails. I have lodged a formal complaint to Yahoo and still awaiting a response especially being able to retrive important mail which is now apparently lost

Well my yahoo account has been hacked and they changed everything on there so i can’t even log in on it and they are on that account all the time sending emails to people and im’s ppl and and i want to catch that hacker and i believe that they are from Nigeria or UK and they really can do alot damage to you.

Thanks for your blogs! They offer slight encouragement. My boyfriends account was not hacked into. His situation is simply forgetting both the password and security question answer. He spoke with yahoo on the telephone with no prevail. Our only interest in this account that he has not used in years is for memories sake. We were seperated for 5 years and 5 years ago this was the account that he used to communicate with me. I simply want to show him that I did infact email him several times after I left the state. Now that we are back togetherI suppose it doesn’t really matter except for the fact that I am obsessed with getting him to try and remember the password. If at all possible could you email me the address you used to regain control of your account. I am hoping it will be a different address and will get a different response. Thank you in advance!
Nichole and Dani

All I want is my old account back. Yahoo message please. Please help me get it back. Or tell me how to get it back. Please don’t give me the run around. Thank you

For all those asking me to help you get your Yahoo accounts back please see this:

What was the email they gave you and the fax number?

I don’t remember. It was a long time ago. Try calling them and ask.

– Dave

How i wish I could even change my alternate address to be able to access my messages. How frustrating!


have similar issue like you had years ago with ur yahoo account giving an unknown alternate email, please can i have the security address so i can report the issue.

I no longer have it. You may want to try to call Yahoo and ask them about it.

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