Cleaning Video Noise From Home Video

We recently celebrated my dad’s 65th birthday with a nice dinner party. I had brought my camcorder with me for the purpose of shooting some video that I would download to my computer, burn to DVD and distribute to family. When I downloaded the video from the camcorder I was less than enthusiastic about the picture quality. There was a whole lot of noise in the picture and it was very hard to watch on a TV (after I put it on a DVD).

With the help of a friend I found a great filter called NeatVideo. NeatVideo is a plugin that filters out video noise. There are versions for Adobe Premiere, Adobe AfterAffects, Sony Vegas and
VirtualDub. The fact that it worked with VirtualDub is what got me to use it. I’m doing this with no budget and want to spend as little money as possible on it. Spending $50 on NeatVideo is barely acceptable but the price tag on video editing software is definitely not. Since VirtualDub is free (and I’ve used it many time before) it made spending the $50 on Neat Video a lot easier.

The results of NeatVideo were outstanding. If you want to see something similar to what I was dealing with check out the second sample on their examples page.

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