Clearing VLC’s Album Art Cache

VLC is a free, open source, cross-platform multimedia player that can play almost any multimedia file you throw at it. It’s become my multimedia player of choice because it free, light weight and versatile. But it’s not without it’s quirks.

One problem I’ve had with it is that sometimes it will show incorrect album art. This happens when it’s album art cache is corrupted. The solution is to delete the cache as follows:

  1. Run the following command from the Run field in the Windows start menu: %appdata%\VLC\art. This will open an Explorer window with the contents of the cache folder.
  2. Close VLC.
  3. Delete everything in this folder.
  4. Close the window and restart VLC.

Now you’ve got a clear cache.

I have simplified this a little bit by creating a batch file that I keep on my desktop. The contents of the batch file are as follows:
cd %appdata%\VLC\
RD art /s/q
md art

Every time I need to clear VLC’s album art cache I simply double click on the batch file and I’m done.

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Very cool Dave, thanks for the post.

One mod to be made. the cd command path should be %appdata%\VLC. Your example is missing the backslash.

The backslashes were there in the backend but not displaying on the front end. Looks like I’ll have to write another post about why that happened. Regardless, it’s fixed now.

VLC is a popular media player which can play almost any multimedia file easily. I’ve been a long time user of VLC. But I haven’t face incorrect album art problem yet. I’ve just keep up your cache deleting way for future assist if I will face the problem. Thanks for your allocation 🙂

VLC will show incorrect album art when no album art is available in the local folder/directory containing the mp3. VLC appears to download album art from the web.

Indeed it was very helpful, thanks for the simple steps.

that just deletes everything, and you have nothing….be nice to add some

Very good thank you. Short n sweet, did the trick. The motherfucking saga continues.

Thanks for a quick simple solution to this annoyance and for making life just a little bit easier.

How to clear album art cache in vlc android version?

Don’t know. You may want to start with this:

I was playing around in the VLC menu and toke a special theme player.
What happens was that i probebly lost my album-art case.
When i tick %appdata%\VLC\art my PC cant find this anymore.
My art is on screen when i play music,but with placing new content it shows not always the correct art anymore.
So i cant change the art right now.
Dont know whats happend.
I have Windows 10 TP.

I did the said clear VLC art

cd %appdata%\VLC\
RD art /s/q
md art

Play mp3 still get artwork shows up

Many thanks Dave. I’ve been trying for ages to do what your simple solution does. Top man!!

This is basically a useless solution to the total stupidity of VLC’s art cache, which is nothing but a constant pain in the ass when trying to set tags.

Why don’t those IDIOTS just get rid of the damned thing?!!!

Thank you so much. It worked and looks fine now. I had thought I lost it all. 🙂

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