Is My Father Just A Candle?

A candle burning throughout the day until well into the night when it finally burns out. Almost five years after my father’s death I often find myself wondering how his life is now nothing more than a candle that is burned a few times a year in his memory.

My father was many things to many people. He was very active in his community. He was very well known in his line of work. He was very charitable to many organizations. He was well like by his many friends. And he was much loved by his family.

But now he’s gone. His presence replaced with that of a candle which has a much shorter life but at least has the luxury of living out it’s natural lifespan.

But is this really true? Is a candle all we have left of him?

Though it’s been nearly five years since his death I still think of my father every day. I think of the influence he still has on the actions I take every day. I see the effect he had on my kids. Nary a conversation with my siblings goes by without some reference to something he said or did. Not a decision is made by my mother without considering how he would approach the same situation.

So I watch this candle burn and when my mind wanders to minimizing my father’s life to that of a candle I refocus myself. I think of some of the good times as well as some of the bad and remember that even though he’s gone he’s still alive in many ways.


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